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TOD Traveller


Tired of tourist trap?Want to experience the city like a real local?#ask4todTod is the application you need to make your trip unforgettable! Without organization, find local activities around you, certified and available in real time!
- 1. Find and activity:
Download Tod application on your mobile and find one of our Tod ambassadors offering an activity next to you thanks our geolocation system!
- 2. Track his arrival:
You will be taken over! The Tod ambassador will meet you, track his arrival to not miss him!
- 3. Enjoy!
Enjoy the city like a real local with Tod! Once the activity is complete, feel free to leave your comments to help the community!
Tod is currently available on Paris and its suburbs !
Our whole community of ambassadors has been selected and certified to offer the best experiences and activities to do around!
No surprise on prices ! Payments are secure and are made directly from the application. You only pay what is announced !
Enjoy the best of your stay with Tod!#ask4tod